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A desperate mum has hit back at online trolls claiming she is scamming people for money by exploiting her daughter’s rare condition

Helen Mathers is hoping to raise £40,000 so she can ‘create memories’ and build an extension to improve her 12-year-old daughter Libby’s life, who suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

Doctors believe Libby may be just the sixth child in the world to suffer from a newly discovered genetic regressive condition called Chiari malformation type 1 and Autism, the Daily Star reports.

Since setting up a GoFundMe page in August, Helen has noticed some people trying to discredit the campaign.

The 37-year-old raged on social media: “U and ur pathetic friend try and sabotage my daughters GoFundMe, my attempt to try and make the rest of her very short life more comfortable out of spite.”

She added: “Come at me all you like but my leave my kids alone, especially one who is so ill and the outlook is bleak.”

The mum, from Newark, Nottinghamshire hopes any money raised will help build a wet room and a downstairs bedroom for her daughter, who is “fading away”.

“We don’t know what’s up with Libby, we may never know,” Helen said.

“We have no idea how long we have her. I just want to be able to shower her and to make her comfortable. Her dad and I are planning Lapland and Disneyland too as we want memories.”

She added: “I’m tired and I just want my kids to be happy. These people are trying to break me and my children and I refuse to be broken, my kids need me, they are innocent.”

On the fundraising page, Helen says the extension they need will cost between £70,000 and £80,000

She writes: “Now due to Libbys condition her needs have increased to needing a wet room and downstairs bedroom and this is why Libby and I along with her brother, Rowan are pleading for your help.

“Watching your daughter fade away in front of you is the most painful thing I have ever experience and I feel powerless that I cannot help her.”

Family friends are holding fundraising events to try and raise money for Helen and Libby, and so far more than £3,000 has been raised.

Libby, who is on an “insane” amount of medication according to her mum, regularly has to attend hospital appointments and has five doctors involved in her case.

“It never ends,” Helen said. “The appointments. The research I continuously do to try and help Libby, it never ends.

“I’m rarely getting a donation for her. If we don’t get enough we don’t get the build, it’s as simple as that. There’s nothing out there to help but people generosity. I really don’t know what else to do.”

“I’ve had some offers of people doing the work and providing materials for free and cost price to try and reduce the amount too. But we cannot start until we have enough money or enough man power.”