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Naming a child is an undeniably hard choice as the decision will impact your little one for the rest of their life. It’s understandable, therefore, that some people are set on choices – even before they fall pregnant.

Causing a family tiff, a man admitted that he and his wife are keen on a baby name, which his sister called “dibs” on years ago. But the sister isn’t expecting a child, and has also recently come out of a relationship. Taking to popular forum Reddit, the father’s post explained that his sister feels as if her brother is “shaming” her for being newly single.

The man explained: “My wife is currently eight months pregnant and we are very very excited. We will be having a boy.

“My sister Mia just broke up with her now ex-fiancé one month ago. In the past, she has claimed ‘dibs’ on a certain name for her future kid. Let’s say it’s ‘Jake’. There’s not a real significance to the name to her other than she likes it.

“Anyway, so my wife and I are thinking of boy names and my wife also has always loved ‘Jake’ as a name for a boy – so much that it’s the front-runner for her.

“We have a ‘two yes, one no’ rule for names, and there’s been a lot of potential ones that one of us didn’t love so we had to rule out.

“Jake is fine to me. It wouldn’t have been my first choice but I do like it and its nice to have some alignment between us.”

Coming to an agreement with the name, the couple was none the wiser to the huge family row that would be sparked over the choice.

He continued: “I told my mother when she was over at our house and she said something about how Mia always wanted that name too. I said yeah I know but my wife loves it as well and we are actually having a kid very soon where Mia is single and has said she’s ‘swearing off dating’ for a while.

“So who knows if she’ll even have kids, also if they’ll even be a boy if she does, and that her future partner would also be on board with that name.

“Well at some point my mom tells Mia our plans and she freaks out. Accuses me and my wife (who liked the name before she met Mia) of stealing her name and all this.

“I point out that it’s just a name and nobody can have ‘rights’ to it. She then swears she was going to use it and proceeds to call my wife bad things. I then pointed out that she’s not pregnant, not dating, and there’s no way to know that she’d ever even have the chance to use it ever given her situation.

“She says that I was shaming her for being single and being a name thief. She is still very very angry.”

Seeking advice from users, the man questioned: “Am I the a*e here or is she being unreasonable?”

Taking to the comment section, viewers were torn over whether the couple was in the wrong, which sparked a heated debate.

One person said: “If you knew before choosing ‘Jake’ that she liked the name ‘Jake’ and planned to use it in the future, you are the a*e.”

Another agreed: “You are the a*e. The name has no personal significance to you or your wife. You have known for years, your sister hopes to use it someday.”

On the other hand, another person said: “It has no significance to either of them and he and his wife are having a baby so they want it. If the sister wants it she can use it too.”

A different user wrote: “Stealing a name isn’t a thing. No one can steal a name.”