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How to Use Spectra S1 Breast Pump

If you decide to use Spectra S1 to express breast milk for your little cubs, but it looks like all the buttons and warheads on the NASA space station, why not.

We have some tips, tricks, and tricks for using the Spectra S1 blast pump.

The breast pump matches the quality of your milk. A balanced and healthy diet along with good sleeping habits will provide you with good “rest” while you are pumping.

To be able to use the Spectra S1, you need to know its features and how they work in a single session.

Features of The Spectra S1

The blast pump has five buttons. Below is a brief overview of how to get started with the new pump.

Power Button

The device is switched on, regardless of whether it is connected to the mains or using a battery, as long as it is fully charged.

Night Light

This pump has a nice night light and an integrated handle for easy carrying.

Massage or Letdown Mode

There is a massage mode cycle in the Spectra S1 that must be used first to stimulate the breasts in preparation for feeding.

Expression Mode

The Expression Mode is designed to mimic the baby’s breathing and sucking patterns in the first paragraph to encourage adequate relaxation.

Cycle Mode (+/-)

Measures the number of strokes per suction in the work cycle.

Vacuum Mode (+/-)

Measure suction power.

Preparation, Assembly, and Application

To use the Spectra S1 effectively, you must be able to pre-assemble and assemble all components. Here are some simple steps you can take to begin the mediation preparation process.

  1. Sterilization
    Sterilize all removable parts before assembly.
  2. Tubes
    Attach the tubes to the pumping motor.
  3. Assembly
    Attach the backflow protector.
  4. Connection
    Connect one end of the tube to the backflow protector.
  5. Breast Shield
    Attach the breast shield to the backflow protector.
  6. Switch it On
    Switch on the breast pump and start with the massage mode cycle at 70.
  7. Change Modes
    Once the milk starts to appear in the tubes, switch to expression mode at 54.

Et Voila, you are ready to pump!

Using the Spectra S1 Effectively

The most important thing about using the Spectra S1 is that it comes with instructions on how to get the most out of your milking machine.

The instructions explain how to measure yourself for good chest protection, express more milk, and store milk safely.

Measuring Yourself For the Right Breast Shield

To determine the correct size, it is necessary to take measurements from the inner shield – the conical part. Incorrect size can cause butt pain with all of the chest pulling and wrinkling, regardless of the significant decrease in milk production.

How to Pump More Milk

The best way to express more milk is to follow a routine every day. After breastfeeding, take at least 20 minutes to express yourself and familiarize yourself with all of the buttons on the Spectra S1.

How to Store Your Milk Safely

Freshly breastfed milk can be stored outdoors for up to four hours provided it is kept in a clean, sterile container or bottle.

Fridge and Freezer

Remember to keep the filled bottle in the back of the refrigerator, the temperature should be 4 degrees. Breast milk should only be kept in the freezer for six months in each package and should be stored at -18 ° C or less.

Take it Slow and Build it Up

For new mothers, the slow-down method is best. Some mothers may feel as much pressure as possible during each session to express the milk so that it is worth connecting to the pump.

Be sure to increase your milk supply. Doing this slowly will not harm you, especially if you are still breastfeeding – it will be painful if the baby applies too much pressure, so it is best to follow our advice to avoid this!

Body Tricks

Pump speed makes a big difference in milk production, especially when using the Spectra S1. Slowly and at the lowest level, the body thinks that the baby has swallowed the breast and is comfortable before it comes out.

Nipple Damage

Start the session with the first stage and add more suction until it tangles up slightly for comfort.

When the tap starts to enter, switch to Expression mode which is cycle 54.

After that, you’ll need to change the vacuum suction to remove the valve and adjust the settings until you get to the previous point where you get upset. Increasing the pill does not mean you are producing more milk.
Be careful not to overdose on the vacuum cleaner and moisten it after each session to avoid a sensitive nipple.

Reset Your Pump

Once you get used to the Spectra S1, you will likely find that it remembers the settings you last used the next time you use it. We recommend that you reorder everything and start the session again.

This is due to fluctuations in chest span, especially if your milk seeps in and you feel constipated. One day can be sensitive and the next day may not be sensitive.

Customizing the cycle modes will help you get the most out of your pump.


Now that we know how to use the Spectra S1, we know it’s not rocket science after all! The trick is to adjust the cycle modes as you describe them until you get the most out of your milk until you reach a slightly uncomfortable climax.

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